The Breakfast Show

Glenn Johns - Announcer

Glenn was born in a cross fire hurricane. He was vaccinated with a phonograph needle and was pre-ordained to be in radio having made his mother take him to the studios of the local radio station having displayed serial competition winner tendencies.

Cracking his first gig at 5RM in the Riverland in South Australia late last century, he has travelled far and wide gaining experience across the width and breadth of this sunburnt country in regional and capital city markets. Suffice to say he has worked every state except WA over the past 32 years.

Before joining the reprobates in FNQ, he helped set up an English radio station on the Thai island of Phuket with a multi-national cast and completed a 9-month contract at 7XS in Queenstown on the west coast of Tasmania – he is still thawing out.

Married with a beautiful daughter it was lifestyle and weather that saw him return to the state that he had previously lived in on three separate occasions in the 80’s and 90’s.

Hobbies and interests include anything conducted at over 300kmh – as a former race team owner he believes motorsport is dangerous and should be kept that way.