Group General Manager - Al Kirton

Since the age of 20, Al has been part of the radio industry working at stations 4VL, 4CD, 4RO, 2ST, 2LT, 3BO, 4ZR, 4VL (again) 4KZ, KOOL FM, 4AY, KIK FM & 4AM. Al’s former roles have included announcer, salesman, sales promotion manager, sales manager and part owner.

He is a member of the CRA Quarter Century Club, Institute of Company Directors, Wireless Institute Australia, Innisfail Baptist Family Centre and is a licenced Amateur Radio Operator with the call sign of VK4FFKZ.

His interests include bushwalking, cooking, music and 4 wheel driving.

Soph Clarke

Sophie scored the job at Kool FM after applying for what she thought was a position in the NSW town of Glen Innes.

Nevertheless, she embarked on the 30-hour venture from her home in Wagga Wagga where she presented a variety of shows, from the latest in country to request programs, at the local radio station.

With a degree in Journalism and a passion to be heard, Sophie joined NQ Radio in June, 2016 where she can be heard weekdays on the Kool FM breakfast show, at lunch on 4KZ and across the network presenting the Northern News.

(Mareeba 4AM & Innisfail 4KZ) - Mick Hay

Mick has worked casually in radio for 30 years at a number of stations including 4LM, 4GC and 4KZ whilst also working for Telstra.

He joined the 4AM team taking over the Breaky Show full time in July 2014. Mick enjoys living in tropical North Queensland after growing up in Innisfail and staying in areas like Thursday Island, Normanton, Mount Isa, Cairns and Mossman.

In his spare time, Mick likes to go camping, do a bit of fishing and he enjoys the great outdoors.



Glenn Johns - Announcer

Glenn was born in a cross fire hurricane. He was vaccinated with a phonograph needle and was pre-ordained to be in radio having made his mother take him to the studios of the local radio station having displayed serial competition winner tendencies.

Cracking his first gig at 5RM in the Riverland in South Australia late last century, he has travelled far and wide gaining experience across the width and breadth of this sunburnt country in regional and capital city markets. Suffice to say he has worked every state except WA over the past 32 years.

Before joining the reprobates in FNQ, he helped set up an English radio station on the Thai island of Phuket with a multi-national cast and completed a 9-month contract at 7XS in Queenstown on the west coast of Tasmania – he is still thawing out.

Married with a beautiful daughter it was lifestyle and weather that saw him return to the state that he had previously lived in on three separate occasions in the 80’s and 90’s.

Hobbies and interests include anything conducted at over 300kmh – as a former race team owner he believes motorsport is dangerous and should be kept that way.

(Innisfail 4KZ) - Greg Vuleta

Greg is an Innisfail local and joined the announcing staff of 4KZ straight out of high school at the age of 17 in 1968 and came back to 4KZ in 1988.

Greg writes, edits and records Rural Reports and Northern News and presents a 2 hour magazine style lunchtime programme. He's probably best known for his Sunday Gold programme each weekend.

Greg is now a proud grandfather and enjoys his trips to Townsville to catch up with his grandson.


Gary McIlroy

Gary currently hosts the KZ connection from 1pm - 3pm, weekdays playing the better mix of music, keeping you up to date with events around the region and providing hours of entertainment with his daily competitions.

Gary started on Radio St. Helier in 1985, at the age of 18. This was a hospital radio station in South London, serving three hospitals and in those vinyl days, before mp3 players and the Samsung Galaxy, there were a surprisingly large number of listeners.

In 1987 he moved to Community Development Radio 86FM, based in Shepherds Bush, London. This was a radio project focused on bonding different ethnic communities throughout the Greater London region.

Gary also presented on a number of other alternative stations, some of which had a significant influence on the direction of ‘FM’ radio in the late 80’s.

By the 90’s, he had taken up a regular slot on WNK 103.3FM.

For many years Gary was DJ’ing around London in pubs and clubs entertaining the punters with a wide selection of music from House to Rock and Roll, from Trance to Pop.

Gary has also fronted many events as part of station outside broadcasts or as an independent master of ceremonies

(Innisfail 4KZ) - Alan Catmur

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