The KZ Connection

Gary McIlroy

Gary currently hosts the KZ connection from 1pm - 3pm, weekdays playing the better mix of music, keeping you up to date with events around the region and providing hours of entertainment with his daily competitions.

Gary started on Radio St. Helier in 1985, at the age of 18. This was a hospital radio station in South London, serving three hospitals and in those vinyl days, before mp3 players and the Samsung Galaxy, there were a surprisingly large number of listeners.

In 1987 he moved to Community Development Radio 86FM, based in Shepherds Bush, London. This was a radio project focused on bonding different ethnic communities throughout the Greater London region.

Gary also presented on a number of other alternative stations, some of which had a significant influence on the direction of ‘FM’ radio in the late 80’s.

By the 90’s, he had taken up a regular slot on WNK 103.3FM.

For many years Gary was DJ’ing around London in pubs and clubs entertaining the punters with a wide selection of music from House to Rock and Roll, from Trance to Pop.

Gary has also fronted many events as part of station outside broadcasts or as an independent master of ceremonies